Unpublished (and rejected) manuscripts 


Antonovics, J. 1960.  A study of pond at Shorne - 1960. Sixth Form independent project. PDF

Antonovics, J. 1961. Mountains in biology. A lecture given to the Dragons Secret Society. Unpublished. PDF

Antonovics, J., and J. Watson. ca. 1973. Experimental ecological genetics in Plantago. I. Genetic changes during self-thinning in P.  lanceolata.  Rejected by Evolution. Not resubmitted. PDF

Tabaee, A., Antonovics, J., and Crone, E.E. ca. 1993. Soil toxicity and vegetation composition under electricity pylons, and zinc tolerance in Panicum scoparius. Never submitted. PDF

Antonovics, J. ca. 1993. What is science. A version of this was published in the Duke University Faculty Newsletter but I cannot locate the issue. PDF

Antonovics, J., R. Ali, J. P. Bardill, P.-J. Chiang, E. Dosch, G. Libling, T. Moore, A. R.Mortezaie-Fard, D. Naeger, S. Perret, M. Puente, F. P. Rajaii, L. E. Vaz, J. Woods, J. Yu, S. Potiny, and M. Alexander. 1977. Biospherics: a new science or simply a teaching exercise. Manuscript, intended as supplement to Rillig, M. C., and Antonovics, J. 2019. Microbial biospherics: The experimental study of ecosystem function and evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 116: 11093-11098, but discouraged by reviewers, and never published. PDF

Antonovics, J. ca. 2005. Transmission mode and disease thresholds in host communities. Rejected by Ecology Letters. Never resubmitted, scooped by similar article in American NaturalistPDF